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The Unsung Christmas Miracle


A curse to Jeconiah and a promise to David both collide to create a Christmas Dilemma. As we saw yesterday the King of kings would be a descendent of David (1 Chronicles 22:9-10) but could not be a descendent of Jeconiah (Jeremiah 22:28-30). How would Jesus fulfill a promise while not undoing a curse?

Since God transcends time He knew a girl named Mary and a lad named Joseph would meet and fall in love at just the right time and just the right place. More incredibly, their ancestors would provide the unique solution.

It is Matthew’s account of Jesus, by way of David, that we have Jeconiah. Luke records the line of Jesus through Mary. Mary is the blood line and it is her line that fulfills the curse. David’s line fulfilled the promise.

Mary is a descendant of Nathan- the brother of Solomon. Since Jeconiah is a descendant of Solomon and not Nathan the blood of Jeconiah is not passed down to Jesus just as God promised.

“the son of Melea, the son of Menan, the son of Mattathah, the son of Nathan, the son of David,” Luke‬ ‭3:31

But how is Jesus worthy to be king? He is worthy because it is through Joseph the rights to the thrown can be claimed as David and Solomon are descendants of Joseph. Because of the miracle conception NONE of Joseph’s blood is passed down so there is no way any of Jeconiah’s blood is in Jesus but His authority to be King as promised to David is executed.

This is a true Christmas miracle. Jesus Christ fulfills so many prophesies and a curse and promise. That is our God- always doing the impossible!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and our prayer is that God demonstrates to you the miracle of salvation if you don’t already know Him and to those who do know Him many blessings fall on you like snow.

‬ ‭Luke 3:31; Jeremiah 22:28-30; 1 Chronicles 22:9-10

Prayer focus: many want peace on Earth at this time of year but we know true peace is being reconciled to God. Let’s pray for many to experience that peace.

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