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Hey Batter, Batter


Last night the favorite time for most baseball fans began- the playoffs! Not so much for me as my team has already won- they won first draft pick for finishing dead last!

In baseball, and any sport, people will talk to the players. Whether they are at the game or watching on TV, or even listening on radio. People will talk to the players and encourage them on. They will yell at them when they mess up. They will try to distract or jinx the players on the other team. This normally goes on for the whole game!

Why? Why do these fans talk to people who will not hear them? And if they manage to hear them it won’t change anything. So why do fans yell and holler at players? Because they are emotionally and mentally engaged in the game. They have a deep interest.

I was recently asked by someone why we pray if God is going to do what He will do anyway? Honestly, I had to take a step back. What a great and profound question.

The short answer is that prayer helps us to be engaged. Prayer is done by those emotionally and mentally invested in God. Those who know Him and trust Him will be driven to prayer.

Prayer helps us keep focus and perspective- and dependence on God. A fan yells at a batter to get a hit because they can’t get one. The fan has no power at all and is relegated to depending on the batter. In the same way prayer admits to God that ultimately we have no control and we need Him to act.

I’ve heard it said that prayer unlocks the power of Heaven… I’m not so sure of that. Instead, I believe prayer unlocks our hearts to be open to see the power of Heaven on display. Prayer tells God we are eager for Him to move as He decides. Prayer tells God we need Him and want to see what He can do.

Prayer is a deep subject and we could spend days in study, but I do believe the short answer on why we pray is simply because it is the natural result of someone dependent on God and shows they are engaged.

So pray without ceasing (1 Thes 5:17) like a fan constantly yelling at players. Look to God for all things by praying (Matt 7:7) and watch Him display His power (Eph 3:20).

Prayer focus: for our students as they continue to be impacted in so many ways due to the virus.

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