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Big Moves


Life is full of big moves.  We move to new homes, new employers, new churches, or gyms.  Many will move cities, states, or even countries.  Some, like those in the military, move frequently.  Moving is a part of life and it’s not something foreign to the Bible.

God is a divine mover, of sorts.  Many times through Scripture God has called His devoted followers to move.  Abraham was one of the first to get the call to pack up and move.  Well, unless you count Noah since the ark eventually moved! Jacob was told to move to Egypt and Moses called to move out of Egypt- of course with a whole nation tagging along!  Joshua was told to move into the promised land and the disciples were told to move from home to follow Jesus.

Move after move and each move had one thing in common- they had to move in faith.  Noah had faith in order to build his own transportation.  Abraham wasn’t told where to go and just walked in faith.  Jacob went to a foreign land, in faith that Joseph was still alive.  Moses had to have faith that a whole nation would follow.  Joshua had to display faith time and time again as he circled walls and fought while vastly outnumbered.  The disciples had to display faith that Jesus was who He claimed to be.

Faith on the move.  Moving in faith.  Faith! That is the key to heeding the call and doing as God directs.  Sometimes it is to move into new ministry or opportunity.  Sometimes it’s to leave circumstances behind.  God may call us for a single task or a season of work.  God never disclosed all the details of a move, but He always blessed those who had the faith to move.

Noah saved humanity because he had faith to build a boat.  Abraham was the beginning of the chosen nation because he just went when told to go to a land God would show.  Jacob saved his family and a nation when going to see his son.  Moses saved that same nation when he confronted Pharaoh.  Joshua brought down walls and giant armies and the disciples became Apostles because they followed the Messiah.

The reason God calls us to move is not nearly as important as the faith we exercise in making the move.

If you sense God calling you to move, do as so many before you have.  Have faith and walk, run, build a boat, circle a wall, or just go- no matter how, just go.

Hebrews 11; Proverbs 3:5-6; Jeremiah 17:7

Prayer focus: for our schools

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