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A Formula to Live By

Be Still & Know GOD (what He’s done)


As a Seattle Seahawk fan I know that with Russell Wilson at QB the team is never out of a game. He has led many great comebacks, and because I know what he’s done in the past I always have hope in every game.

Knowing what God has done can give us great hope and confidence as we seek to live our life for Him. The Lord Almighty has done so much we can’t even start to cover it (one reason Bible study is critical for a believer).

What we do need to understand is that God is the same now as He was yesterday. He hasn’t lost any power, He hasn’t lost any interest in human history, and He hasn’t changed His plan.

The same God that saw Israel through the sea on dry land and brought down walls and giants is the same God watching over us and fighting for us. He hasn’t changed and never will. We can be confident in His ability to help us through these tough times in life as we serve Him.

Do you have hope today knowing what God has done in the past?

Tomorrow we conclude with the very essence of God.

Psalms 46:10; Hebrews 13:8; Exodus 14:14

Prayer focus: for believers to focus on the spiritual matters and not the other matters that can distract us.

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